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Executive Chef
Ανδρουτσόπουλος Γιώργος
Sushi chef
Φλάκας Παναγιώτης
Chef de cuisine

10 Of Japan’s Most Expensive Foods

Densuke Black Watermelon — $6,100 each
Grown on the Japanese island of Hokkaido these rare black watermelons are known for their exquisite crispness and level of sweetness. Only 10,000 are produced annually. It’s the short supply at harvest time that can skyrocket their price during an auction. In 2008…
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Kobe Beef Steak Pizza — $66
In a country known for its exclusive and expensive beef, it makes sense that it would show up as a topping on a fast food chain’s menu. This pizza pie, available at Domino’s, is topped with potato, onion, and a deluxe steak sauce, along with the high-end Kobe marbled meat. Get it to go for $66.

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Fugu – $100
Get this wrong, and the consequences are deadly. This is pufferfish and pufferfish are lethally poisonous if not prepared correctly. Despite this, fugu has become one of the most celebrated Japanese dishes. A Japanese chef must undergo rigorous training and certification before …

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Chef στον αέρα | Σαλάτα με κοτόπουλο, γλ – 12/06/2015

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